About us

Hello and welcome to Home Factor.

A home is much more than a project to us. It’s more than a transaction. When you fall in love with your Home Factor home and remember us for the right reasons for years to come, we know we’ve achieved our goal.

Our love for traveling lets us continuously draw inspiration from other countries to improve and refresh our working style, house designs and the materials we use. This helps us build unique and on-trend homes.

We’ve built our brand on strong values and principles, so when you buy a Home Factor home you know it’s architecturally designed, unique, high on quality, style and reliability, is worth every cent and was built by a great team. Be it a renovated or a newly built home, our objective is the same. We love what we do, really gets us excited and that passion and love always shows through.

Our process is simple and focused

We undertake extensive research to ensure we use best practice methods, high-quality materials and on-trend fittings and fixtures. We work with award winning and well-regarded professionals to create modern, unique and beautiful homes. We only work with people who are equally passionate about creative and unique designs and get a buzz out of what they do. That gets the best out of us, our suppliers and contractors.

Not just another job!

Why choose a Home Factor home?

Our motto is ‘creating home advantEdge for you’. Because we work backwards – we think about the new proud owner of one of our homes, what their desires would be, what would make their home unique, architecturally designed, beautiful, trendy, high quality, worth every dollar spent, one that maximises the location and views, and gives them a wow and pride factor.

Then we create a plan to deliver just that with all our passion and heart, and with our awesome team. It won’t be just another spec or bulk standard home. That’s the Home Factor advantEdge.

Typically, we own the land and the home being built, before it is eventually sold to the new proud owner. This makes the stakes higher and our financial commitment higher. We deliver our best work under pressure, when the stakes are high, where we have freedom to be creative and we are responsible and accountable for all outcomes. We always do the right thing by you this way.

Our principles

We only sell a home when it is of a standard we would love to and be proud to live in. 

We always do the right thing by you — introduce smart unique designs, fix all issues, and use quality products and registered qualified personnel to carry out the work. Therefore buyers of our homes can always feel rest assured knowing that.

Attention to detail 

It’s often the detail and the small touches that makes one fall in love with their new home. Whether its technology, fixtures or landscaping, we really believe focussing on each aspect makes a great home. These show care, standards and thoroughness.

As we drive the thinking and approach to all projects, we maintain these standards.

Our brand values

  • Passion – We love what we do. In fact we thrive on it. Get a rush. Excitement. Opportunity to create something amazing and unique. Make someone happy.
  • Integrity – A home is a big investment. It’s a big decision too. It’s more than a roof over your head. It could be your retirement plan. It represents family. It’s your happy place. We want to make sure that’s exactly it. We stand by our work, respect your thinking and approach, and with honesty and clear communication we want you to feel rest assured of your decision. Stems from respect and empathy.
  • High quality – Tons of research, hand picking the best team, choosing good quality materials, fixtures and fittings are what we do. It’s our process.

The team

Rohit – Director at Home Factor with 15 years plus experience across industries. Experienced Director with a successful history of working in the construction industry. Skilled in Coaching, project management, Retail, Store Management, Sales Management, and Relationship Building. Strong entrepreneur professional with Masters degree from Massey University. LinkedIn

Priyanka – Entrepreneur, Creative, Experienced Marketer and Avid Photographer with a Masters in Marketing from Massey University. 15 years of leadership and marketing experience in property, education, retail, charitable and financial sectors with a solid ground in leading teams, developing & implementing strategy, campaigns, sponsorships, project and event management. My passion lies in leveraging my skills and experience to make a difference in my community, raising awareness and support for various causes.  LinkedIn