Our Quality Process

Six ways we ensure your home is built and designed to the highest quality.

1. It all starts with a great team

Every contractor we bring on board is a registered professional, is well regarded in the community and has passion to build and renovate like us.

2. Next comes goal setting

We want the new owner of one of our homes to be satisfied and be proud as. That can only be achieved by creating a well designed home that uses high quality material and fixtures.

3. Through the build

We spend time at the project, and with the team discussing progress, changes, ideas, timeframes and costs to keep all things on track. Check, review, change if needed, repeat.

4. Council checks

At every stage of the development, the local council inspector is on site checking and approving every detail. So you can be rest assured its safe, legit and quality checked.

5. Materials, fixtures and fittings

We research for the latest trends, reviews of products, materials and fittings to ensure we use the tried and tested. We work with good high quality brands that stand by their products.

6. Quality assurance

For your peace of mind, we provide a 12 month maintenance period on any workmanship or defects in the materials used and a 10 year Master builder guarantee (or equivalent). Please refer terms and conditions for details.